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I am sitting in my living room right now as I update this. How am I doing it? I have this tablet PC that my office is looking at and it is my turn to take it home and play with it. It is very slick looking, a monitor and a computer & only 4 lbs with the keyboard included. It opens and looks like a notepad would but in the form of a monitor. Then the monitor can turn and pull up like a regular laptop would look like. The neat feature about this is that you can write with a stylus on the screen itself and it recognizes your handwriting, even looks somewhat like it should. the screen even comes off and you can carry around the monitor (the part that makes the computer run is the second half of the monitor that you are carrying around, so think of it as a notepad that you can write on, looks like a screen (is a screen) and it includes the "guts" of the computer. pretty neat, so all you leave behind is the keyboard. i like it a lot. it also changes your desktop from landscape to portrait depending on which way you are viewing the screen, and can also act as a 2nd monitor when connected to your bigger PC, so u can drag content from one screen (i.e. your big screen) to you rlittle screen on the tablet PC. it comes with built in wireless internet connection. I get it for a discount from work. i think it sells for $2400 but we get about $1000 off. Good deal huh? Here is a review of the PC. I don't agree with the part about the screen shaking as you type away, it might when the screen is vertical, but it still isnt that bad. If anyone has a tablet PC or has opinions on it feel free to add a comment below.

Here are some pictures of me in action this evening...


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Oooooh. Nice.


July 2, 2004 1:37 PM  

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